Together they had the same idea, “What can we do to spread Aloha in this pandemic?" ...

            One night over dinner, two women were “talking stories” and in conversation discussed the various trials within their inner circle due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  They talked about what they could do to support their loved ones. The discussion then led to the concerns surrounding their community, the islands and everyone in the United States. The question they then asked each other was, “What can we do, on our part, to help spread the Aloha we feel to everyone else?”

            Brandy and Jen love making and gifting things to others.  They love how the little acts of kindness brought joy and comfort to others.  With a love for ʻOhana to include their friends and community, Brandy and Jen found an opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

On September 1st, 2020, Inspired by B and J was born.

"Creative minds inspire others"

          Inspired by B and J hopes to bring you products that are heartwarming and inspiring to you and your ʻOhana. They aspire to bring you treasures from Hawai’i that are personalized for you or someone you love. In this new venture, they hope to also be able to give back to the community in various ways.

         Made to fruition with the love and support of family and friends, Inspired by B and J jumped into the efforts to make and provide ear savers for those in need.  They are continuously looking at how to give back to local non-profit agencies and ongoing efforts to assist a group of individuals providing support to the homeless population in Hilo.


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Inspired by B and J

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